Hola, bienvenidos me llamo Dave Hansung y es un placer tenerlos aquí. Being a Korean American growing up in Santiago, Chile has exposed me to many points of view. I have been fortunate to be able to visit some amazing countries, like Russia, India, Thailand, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, to name a few. Experiencing new ways of looking at our world has nurtured my creativity and taught me the importance of being adaptable.

Before my time at ArtCenter, I was in the hospitality industry. Working as a restaurant manager and sushi chef, I learned to connect with people and work with teams. As a designer, I’ve realized my approach to design is similar to cooking. I like to immerse myself in a culture to explore ingredients through observation and research, that can be mixed, discovering new combinations and new experiences… This approach has also helped me bring out the best flavor from the teams I've been a part of. Some people are sweet and some are spicy, the right combination can make something great but too much of one thing can ruin it. This has taught me the importance of balance and to carefully care for each ingredient. I like to let my creativity run free through ideation but at the same time make things as functional and practical as I can, testing, prototyping and collaborating with others to materialize those ideas into reality. Ultimately I want to make products that are inventive and with purpose.