Joy has a stamped frame so we gotta de-tab the seat post in order to put a nice custom seat and clean up the design. 

Stripping down Joy... getting ready for de-tabbing the seat post, rewiring, and cleaning up the exhaust pipes. 

Joy - CL350

Thanks to my friends at Riot Cycles, finally started working on Joy, a cute 1969 CL350, that I've been wanting to restore for a while. She's a beauty just needs some TLC... 

CHILE - Coaniquem

Was lucky to be part of this years DesignMatter project - Safe Niños. We went to Santiago, Chile and stay at Coaniquem, a foundation for burnt children treatment. We are designing the entire campus so we stay there doing research for 2 weeks.  

7+ Million Children A Year Suffer From Burn Injuries Across Latin America. For child burn victims, the healing process can take 20 years or more, impacting the entire family. Designing ways to improve the healing process is an urgent global need, especially in nations with large populations living in poverty.