Flux is a wearable device that provides mental state awareness and stimulation in order to facilitate getting into the 'elusive' Flow state. Designed to fit into the workplace of the future with Microsoft product ecosystem in mind.  



The Future of Work

As the complexity of our work continues to increase, we are asked to increasingly keep performing at a high level. This can lead to longer work hours, stress, sleep disorders, and general health deterioration. There is an increasing demand for products that boost productivity and promote mindfulness in an effort to maximize our time, helps us do more, and increase our wellbeing.


How can we increase our productivity and improve the quality of work to help us meet the demands of the future? 



By understanding the way our brain works, in respect to our activities and environments, we are able guide our mind into a more optimal state to help us work more efficiently and increase our wellbeing. 


Microsoft's business oriented strategy provides more than 75% of all global productivity products in the market. As we look to improve the quality of work of the future, Microsoft’s vision and expertise in the workplace environment provides a uniquely strong competitive position compared to its competitors and a clear platform to expand its product ecosystem.


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” — ARISTOTLE



Flux is a tool to help users improve the quality of their work by understanding the users mental states and help them transition into a more productive one




Front and lateral EEG sensors provide awareness of users brain wave activity. Sensors modules are designed to provide direct contact with skin surface, adjust user’s head and provide support. 




By being aware of their brainwave activity users can understand their mental state throughout their day. This can allow users to create a better picture into what actions, environment, and experiences trigger emotional and mental responses. Users would be able to better understand what causes stress or anxiety, distractions and lack of focus, or how to improve mindfulness and meditation. 




Isochronic tones work by emitting sound at regular intervals: the intensity of the sound goes almost directly from 0 to 100 and back again in an evenly-spaced manner. Widely regarded as the most effective tone-based method, it produces a very strong responses in the brain. Allowing us to help guide the brain into a different frequency and thus a different mental state.

Known as Frequency Following Response, the use of Isochronic beats through bone conduction technology, can be used to synchronize brain activity to a specific frequency guiding the user transition into a different mental state. 



Achieving The State of Flow

Understanding how our brainwaves react as we transition into a Flow state, gives user insight as to how they can guide themselves into the Flow state more regularly. With this knowledge, we can use Isochronic tones as stimulant for transitioning into a different stage. With practice, users can learn to control their brain state and move them into a state of FLOW


The 4 known stages the Flow Cycle


Achieving the Flow Cycle is a series of phases in which certain brainwaves and natural neuro-chemicals are triggered. Each phase is essential in order to get into the state of Flow

STRUGGLE characterized by increase in BETA brain waves. The subject faces a task that is challenging but not impossible, stretching our capabilities. Cortisol and Norepinephrine are released which helps users stay focused on task. 

RELEASE As the subject relaxes, Alpha brainwaves increase releasing Nitric Oxide, which helps the transmitting of information between nerve cells in the brain. This helps users with recall, and lateral thinking making connections and allows users to be more creative. 

FLOW The Struggle and Release phases lay the foundation for a relaxed yet high functioning mental state characterized by an increase in THETA brain waves. Resulting in creative thinking, emotional connection, intuition and relaxation.

Occasional spikes of GAMMA brainwaves occur, literally like a jolt of energy. Research suggests is responsible for those Eureka! moments.

RECOVERY characterized by increase in DELTA brain waves. 

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