The TAVAT L1 is designed to fit most faces with its innovative adjustable frame and modular fabrication the L1 provides comfort, better fit and thus better performance. 



Everyone has their own unique facial structure, from their nose, to the distance between their eyes and the proportion of their faces.

Too often users compromise fit for style or vise versa. It's difficult to find a style that is properly adjusted to your size and still looking great.


The reality is most of us choose a pair of glasses not because it fits better but because we like the style and brand. 

The L1's adjustable frame allows the optician or the client to modify two of the most important dimensions when creating a custom fit. The height of the saddle (nose support)  and the length of the temple. 



The saddle (nose support) can be adjusted up and down through a sliding screw mechanism in the bridge. The flexible saddle spreads the load of the glasses more evenly by covering the crest of the nose and can be adjusted to be wider or narrower. This results in a better fit, support, positioning of the lenses, specially between different types of noses. 


The length of the temple can be extended or shortened preventing glasses from sliding forward, which can lead to worsening of the eyesight, tension in the temples, headaches, and neck discomfort. 


Insights & Observation


I was fortunate to work with a master eyewear craftsman, Lawrence Jenkins who has been in the eyewear industry for 40+ years working with TAVAT and American Optical (est. 1826).

With his expertise and in collaboration with the leadership at TAVAT, I developed the L1 as a way to provided customization to a wide range of people while not compromising on style. 


The design is inspired by universal lens used by Opticians for measuring face structures, and adjusting proper fit. This is imperative to not only provide the intended aesthetic look of the frame but prevent sight deterioration.